meet the author
catarine hancock
catarine hancock is a 19-year old writer from lexington, kentucky. she is a college student attending the university of kentucky as a double major in vocal performance and music education. but while she adores music, it is not her only passion.

from a very young age, catarine has been a bookworm with a desire to tell her own stories. she has been reading and writing for as long as she can remember. her love of poetry, however, was not discovered until she was 13. 

in the summer of 2013, she began to share her writing on instagram. her presence on that platform has transformed and grown over the course of 5 years, from a small account named @poems_by_ch with only a few thousand followers, to the popular poetry page under the username which has an audience of over a hundred thousand. 

catarine writes predominantly love poetry, but she always writes about feminism, self-love, and other controversial political topics. her poetry stems from her own experiences; her past and current relationships, her struggles with self-esteem, and her activism. 

catarine currently has two poetry collections available: 'the boys i've loved and the end of the world,' and 'how the words come.' she is working on a third collection titled 'shades of lovers,' to be released spring of 2019, as well as a novel in verse that should be available come 2020. 

about the books

the boys i've loved and the end of the world

how the words come

​​'the boys i've loved and the end of the world' is the long awaited poetry and prose collection by catarine hancock, popularly known by the user on instagram. she has garnered an audience of nearly 100,000 people, reaching across all races, ages, and genders.

known for writing unique, raw and captivating pieces on everything from love and politics, to abuse and womanhood, catarine knows how to tug at both your heartstrings and your mind. her writing ranges from simple to complex, short to long, young to mature. there is something for everybody in this collection-- be it the young teenager going through their first break up, the fiery feminist, or the regular poetry fan. this collection is comprised of pieces written from the time catarine first stepped foot onto the instagram poetry scene in 2013, to just weeks before this book was published.

as the book goes on, readers can feel the growth that her writing has undergone in the five years she has spent sharing it. hailed by several as one of the best writers of her generation, catarine has learned the way of evoking all sorts of emotions and thoughts from her readers. she does not shy away from any topic or challenge, and she encourages you, reader, to not shy away from her book, either. cover art by gaylen bailey. interior art by brooke aschenbrenner.
the second poetry collection from instagram poetess catarine hancock (, 'how the words come' tells the story of overcoming the aftermath of an emotionally abusive relationship.

the collection is separated into two parts. the first part, titled 'the broken and the bruised' dives into the pain and heartbreak one feels while dealing with the trauma an abuser leaves in their wake. the second part, titled ' the happy and the healed' is filled with lighter, positive, and empowering poetry, embodying the strength and joy one finds in new love, in healing, and finally, in forgiveness.

there are also pieces covering topics like feminism, gun control, the act of writing itself, and self-love throughout the entire collection. cover by nika joulapour.
shades of lovers

from the author of the poetry collections 'how the words come' and 'the boys i've loved and the end of the world', comes a heartfelt and authentic collection of poetry and prose on learning to navigate love and all of its delights and sorrows.

'shades of lovers' is a story of breaking and healing, of forgiving but not forgetting, of understanding and balance. it is not only something to enjoy, but something to learn from.

here are the things i did right, and the many things i did wrong. i give them to you, so that when love comes knocking, you will have a sense of what to do when you open the door.